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What Parents Think

Jolene really enjoys being here at Jing Jing. When she is at home, she often talks about how she likes her school and how she enjoys being with her teacher and peers and what she has done in class. As a mother and a teacher, I have seen how Jing Jing International Kindergarten has brought out the best in every child. The activities are planned to spark imagination and creativities so that every child is unique and special. All the staff are wonderful and caring. It is great to have my child go here and also have the opportunity to work here as a K1 teacher.


Jolene  and family

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Elementary Classroom

Message from the

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On behalf of the JJ School Group Board, I would like to thank you for your support and welcome your family to our kindergarten and nursery. 

There is little doubt that the children now being educated in our schools will face challenges that are as demanding as any faced by their parents and past generations.  The paramount need for children to be given the best start in their schooling can hardly be gainsaid, so that they are provided with a foundation leading to development of their fullest potential.

At the JJ School Group, we have been committed to providing the highest standards of education for more than 50 years, in our nursery and kindergarten branches, such that the learning , cognitive and social skills necessary for a seamless transfer to primary level schooling are obtained for each child, in a caring and supportive environment.

 We believe that the development of these skills, within a friendly but safe and disciplined ambience, whilst encouraging companionable interaction and fostering social, awareness and physical growth, offers all our pupils the very best early years to start their education.
William R Donald  

Elementary Classroom

Messages from the Principal

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Jing Jing Kindergarten
Jing Jing Nursery


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My name is Kathryn McHugh and I am the Founding Principal of our International branch.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our school website. Here at Jing Jing we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school within the heart of our community. Our school family is diverse; something that we feel is our strength and are proud of. 

My aim is to ensure that all our children develop independence, resilience and readiness for the next stage of their educational journey. Our belief that ‘our children are at the centre of all we do’, is an ethos we hold dear in our everyday lives and through this we always strive to improve ourselves as a school and as learners. 

I am passionate about youth Metal Health and believe it’s vital to foster a warm, welcoming and safe environment for our students. Working together and having a collaborative partnership with families in our community, sharing ideas, expectations, achievements and even fears and worries can only be in the best interests of the children in our care.

Please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a time to show you our curriculum, staff and students in action.


Kathryn McHugh

Jing Jing International

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